June Dakid Live In Toronto

  1. It’s going down tonight! I will be performing at Double Double Land tonight in Toronto! All the information is on the flyer below! If your in the city come through! 

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Heard About Eklipz

What it do fam, as you know 1203 Music Group has been gearing up for the release of our new compilation project. The project features a lot of different artist and we wanted to put some of those songs in the spotlight. What some don’t know is it is difficult getting a good collaborative effort from everyone involved and we are proud of what we were able to accomplishments. Eklipz is a very talented artist who I’ve known for years. He featured me on the song and then agreed to let us use it for the compilation  after we completed it. Enjoy the track, we are just getting started!

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Authentic Featuring Sixxxfive June Dakid A.P Fres$h and WeworkinT

Happy Independence Day People (even though all people of this nation weren’t free when America gained it’s independence from the English but I’m just going sip this Tea). Today I’m releasing a new song from the 1203 Music Group Compilation titled “Authentic”. The song features verses from Myself, A.P Fres$h, and WeworkinT and 1203 Music Group’s newest member Sixxxfive on the hook. WeworkinT is from the DMV and has his own Music Avenue collective that he is working on. The beat was produced by Cash Money A.P. Enjoy the new music and enjoy the holiday with the people who mean the most to you if possible.

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Ain’t Going Nowhere

What it do fam, as you know I’ve been hard at work over the last few months working on 1203 Music Group’s compilation project. I”ve also been working on some new music for myself. As I start to transition into the next phase, I wanted to release one more video from the album “Still Living”. I teamed up with Sacred Legacy Productions (Sacredlegacyproductions)  to bring you the video for “Ain’t Going Nowhere”.  The song features production from YS On The Track and DMV based model Muva Passion (@muva_passion IG) helped out with the plot. You can check it out below.

Hope you enjoy the video, expect a lot more music dropping more often over the next few months. The takeover has officially begun!

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The Influence (Tupac Tribute)

Over the last few weeks I have been working on a lot of music and working with a lot of different artist. With more help than I’ve ever received in the past, 1203 Music Group has gotten a lot accomplished. We recently wrapped up the 1203 Music Group Compilation and we have been focusing on the next steps. During that time, I also started working on a solo project. Makaveli was the inspiration behind this project. Tupac’s “Makaveli was written, recorded and produced in seven days. I wanted to shape my new project in the same fashion. “The Influence” a Tupac tribute, is the first song to be released from the project. The song was produced by Young Digital. I will be giving more information about the project in the future.

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Live On Ablazin Radio

Tonight you can catch me live On Ablazin Radio. We will be discussing my new project, 1203 Music Group and some of the other things I have in the works. Tune in tonight at 9 as me and Dj Freaky Ty Chop it up!

Tune In Here

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Live On WRTR Real Talk Radio

 Today at 1pm I will be live on WRTR Real Talk Radio. Check me out as I talk about some of my upcoming projects and plans for 1203MG. 

Listen Here : http://wrtrrealtalkradio.com/

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What You Want Featuring A.P Fres$h

What’s Good Fam? As you know we recently formed 1203musicgroup.com and as a result, my personal site has taken a slight back seat. Honestly, I was not writing all the post, and I was able to update here more often due to the assistance. I hope you all have been checking out the other site and seeing some of the dope content we have been releasing. Just in case you haven’t, just know I’ve been working very hard and will be releasing two projects in the upcoming months. Today, we are Releasing “What You Want” featuring A.P Fres$h. The track was produced by Buck Nasty and will be featured on the upcoming 1203 Music Group Compilation album. Like I said we have been working. In the future, expect more updates on this site now that I’ve been able to officially hand over the keys to 1203musicgroup.com. Make sure you check out the other site as well to follow other 1203 Music Group artist, visit the store, and there will be a DMV Corner page coming soon to keep you up to date with the happenings on the DMV Music Seen. I hope you all enjoy the song. This was  the first song recorded after 1203 Music Group became an official company and my first time working with Buck Nasty. For those of you who are still reading and didn’t go straight to the song, I am going to need a lot of help going forth.  The best thing you an do to help an artist is to spread the word. Sharing the music on social media, texting it to friend you think might enjoy it, or just mentioning it to someone who isn’t familiar could be the spark to make this take off. In the future I am really going to need your help to make things pop, and those are easy ways to help. You can listen to and download “What You Want” below. Thank you for your continued support and I hope you enjoy what we have coming up. It’s going to be hot this summer!

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1203 Music Group Presents “We Different”


Over the last few weeks, we have been working to build the brand of 1203 Music Group. There have been multiple studio sessions, shows, networking events and video shoots. Last week in the studio, some footage was captured to shed some light on the future and what we are trying to do. With the development of http://www.1203musicgroup.com , resources have been shifted to build content on that site. As a result the post on here will not be as often. If you are a fan of June Dakid, you will love what’s going on with 1203 MG. Enjoy the update and be sure to check out the newest release from 1203 Music Group’s A.P Fre$$h (Featured on June Dakid’s Song “On A Hunned”) “Your Turn To Ball”.

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Winter Give Back Wrap Up

img_04901Happy holidays everyone. The team is finishing up the year very strong. Over the last two weeks, I participated in The Winter Give Back 12 Days Of Christmas Toy Drive with 1203 Music Group and MOBE (Mission Of Black Empowerment). The toy drive was a success, and we were able to provide over $1000 worth of new toys to children in the DC General Hospital Homeless Shelter. This was only possible due to the large amount of people who donated toys and funds via go fund me. Below you can see a video of the drop off. For more information about the toy drive, you can check 1203 Music Group’s Webpage which is also my new label. More information about 1203 Music Group coming in the next few weeks.

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